Parkton Elementary School

Notice Regarding 2022 CCR

School Mission Statement

School strives to be the best school in Robeson County by practicing total involvement for an effective school.


School Motto

“Tomorrow’s Leaders At Work Today!”


School Pledge

Today I will do my best to be the best.
I will listen; I will follow directions.
I will respect the rights of others.
I can will learn all that I can.
I can change and I will change for the better.
I will achieve all that is possible while I am at Parkton School.


We Believe…

We have high expectations for each student. High expectations means that we expect all students to acquire a well defined core of academic knowledge and master basic skills. It also means that we will provide the curriculum and instruction required for them to meet these expectations and help Parkton become the best school in Robeson County and the state of North Carolina.

A Legacy of Quality Education

Parkton Elementary School is a “neighborhood” school rich in history, committed to excellence, and embraced by the community. Since 1870, Parkton Elementary School has been serving children from the Parkton area.  Today, our PreK-8 school continues to offer a quality education for all students.

 Responsive to the needs of the Parkton community, which was once Pine Forest, the citizens established the first school district in 1870.  The first school building was a small, pine log structure.  This primitive building plan did not include windows–light spilled in and around the cracks of its stone chimney.  Young  students sat on log benches as they studied Webster’s Blue Back Speller and read from the McGuffie Reader.

In 1895, a wooden frame building accommodated the twenty students attending Pine Forest.  However, by 1905 the growth of the school proved that a larger building was needed to accommodate the rapid growth of this quiet community.  The campus expanded with the addition of three rooms.  By 1909, the Robeson County Board appointed a school committee for Pine Forest and changed the name to Parkton.

Over the next ninety years, many changes and improvements took place at Parkton School.  In 1927, Parkton consolidated with, Lumber Bridge, Rex, and Rennert School Districts.

The consolidation dictated the need for a new high school, completed in 1928.

By 1929, Parkton had one homeroom for each of its eleven grades.  Twelfth grade was added to Parkton in the 1945-1946 school year and 17 units were required for graduation.

In response to the implementation of new academic programs, a new agricultural building was added to the campus during the 1951-1952 school term.

The school continued to grow rapidly over the following years.  In1960, a new building for the primary grades was constructed.  A new contemporary styled building for the elementary grades, which included a new cafeteria, was added in 1970.  An administrative building, housing a media center, computer lab, classrooms, and offices was completed in 1990.

Growth and changes were not limited to the structures on campus. The school year 1965-1966 brought forth integration to the Parkton School and its faculty achieved total integration by the fall of 1968.  The graduating class of 1970 was the first integrated graduating class.

During the summer of 1990, all schools within Robeson County merger into one system, the Public Schools of Robeson County. This brought about movement of grades 9-12 from Parkton School to St. Pauls High School. The merger created a new and unique grade configuration within Parkton, now housing grades Pre Kindergarten through eight.

Our campus now consists of seven buildings, housing over 35 classrooms and resource rooms. Covered sidewalks connect most of the buildings. Brightly painted murals and attractive displays provide a welcoming atmosphere to the entrances of our buildings.  Each  building is fully air-conditioned, maintaining a comfortable learning environment year round.

Additional features to the campus include a spacious media center, cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, computer lab, and art and music rooms.

Playground areas and a large field with baseball and softball diamonds provide our students and parents with recreational opportunities.

Magnificent canopies of historic oak trees embrace the entrance of our school campus.

Other historic elements in our landscape included the restored cupola from the original high school.

Memorial gardens with seasonal plantings provide color and beauty in the landscape year round.

A new marquee informs the community of coming events, Character Education, and celebrations.

Presently there are 610 students with a faculty of 39 teachers and 17 paraprofessionals.  The staff also includes a principal, assistant principal, media specialist, guidance counselor, social worker, speech therapist, nurse, secretary, SIMS operator, school resource officer, and two youth development specialists through the Indian Education Program.

Parkton continues to provide a quality education for all students throughout a rapidly expanding student body.

Parkton Elementary School


Fax: 910.858.0009 

Address:  400 North Green Street
Parkton, North Carolina 28371