Parks & Recreation

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Robeson County Parks and Recreation is committed to providing activities to the citizens of Robeson County. Our mission to the communities of Robeson County is to offer activities for all ages and genders. We offer youth cheerleading, baseball, softball, T-ball, basketball, football, soccer, along with a newly organized senior center, and we also maintain twenty – seven parks around the county.


Ages 6-8, Boys and Girls

Season: May-July

Locations: Rowland, Maxton, Prospect, Magnolia, Oxendine, Parkton, St. Pauls, Allenton, Rennert & Fairgrove


Little League

Ages 9-12, Boys and Girls

Season: April-August

Locations: Rowland, Maxton, Prospect, Oxendine, Parkton, St. Pauls, Magnolia, Allenton, & Fairgrove


Babe Ruth Baseball

Ages 13-15, Boys and Girls.

Season: May-August

Locations: Orrum, Fairmont, Rowland, Deep Branch, Maxton, Prospect, Oxendine, Pembroke, Union Chapel, St. Pauls, Magnolia, Parkton, Red Springs & Union


Youth Co-Ed Softball

Ages 9-12, both Boys and Girls

Season: May- July

Locations: County-wide


Girls’ Softball

Ages 9-12

Season: June-August

Locations: Pembroke, Prospect, St. Pauls, Rex-Rennert, Littlefield, Lumberton, Maxton, Rowland, Orrum, Union, Deep Branch, Fairgrove, Magnolia & Union Chapel


Co-Ed Softball

Ages 13-17

Season: May- August

Location: Maxton & Evans Cross Rd


Girls’ Fast-Pitch Softball

Ages 13-15

Season: June-August

Locations: Pembroke, Prospect, Lumberton, Rowland, Magnolia,
St. Pauls, Oxendine & Union Chapel


Adult Softball

Ages 18+, Men and Women

Season: May-August

Locations: Fairmont, Maxton, Pembroke, Red Springs, St. Pauls


Carolina Glitterettes

Ages 3-18

Baton twirling and pom-pom-Girls


Rifle twirling-Boys

Season: Year round

Locations: Robeson and Red Springs Middle


Wrestling Program

K-8, Boys and Girls

Season: Month of November


Youth Football

Ages 10-12 (5th -6th grade)

Season: September-November

Locations: Fairmont, Rowland, Maxton, Prospect, Deep Branch, Pembroke, Red Springs, St. Pauls, Magnolia, Piney Grove, Littlefield, Union, Orrum & Parkton


Flag Football

Ages 5-9 (1st-4th grade)

Season: September- November

Locations: Rowland, Fairmont, Pembroke, Union Chapel, Parkton, St. Pauls, Prospect, Orrum, Maxton, Deep Branch, Union, & Red Springs


Youth Basketball

Ages 10-14 (5th-8th grade)

Season: December-March

Locations: Orrum, Fairmont, Fairgrove, Rowland, Maxton, Pembroke, Prospect, Red Springs, Parkton, Magnolia, St. Pauls, Allenton, Union Chapel & Littlefield


Youth Volleyball

(Grade 5th & 6th only )

Season: Spring

Locations: Rowland, Fairmont, Prospect, Pembroke, St. Pauls, Parkton, Magnolia & Union



Ages 15+

Season: November-February

Locations: Pembroke and Rowland

Senior Citizen Center

Barker Ten Mile Community Centervarious weekly activities for senior citizens of the county


Senior Citizen Trips

Trips sponsored by Robeson County Recreation Department throughout the year.


Senior Games

Senior Citizen Socials: Year round


Rental Program

Ball Fields and Canoes

Parks & Recreation


(910) 671-3090|: (910) 738-2015

Physical Address:
2830 Kenny Biggs Road
Lumberton, NC 28358

Recreation Department Staff

Director- Wendy Chavis


Program Specialist- Jacqueline Johnson


Program Specialist- Anthony Govan


Assistant Director- Ricky McKinnon


Program Specialist- Sean Locklear

Administrative Assistant- Regina Baxley


Maintenance Supervisor- William Smith


Foreman- Shamonte Washington

Maintenance Tech 1-Jared Locklear


Maintenance Tech 1-Bradd Locklear


Part time Maintenance- Russell Chavis

Board Members

District 1-Terry Jackson and George Lessane

District 2- Ruby Gilchrist and Wanda Blue

District 3- Larece Hunt and Terry McNeill

District 4-Fedelia Locklear and Wade Hunt

District 5-George McPhaul and Chris Oxendine

District 6- Shelia Beck and Leroy Rising

District 7- Randy Lawson and Randy Hardin

District 8-Wilson McNeill and Pete Ivey